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Serrano & Ibérico
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Who are we?

Historia de la empresa de jamon serrano Jamondor

We are a family-run business with more than 40 years of history. From our origins we are working with the maximum Quality, selecting the best raw materials and taking the products to the longest possible aging points.

We take care of the smallest details of our production process, committed for traditional recipes and manners, as our objective is to offer the best product with the best flavours, and a strong consideration for preserving the nutritional and health properties of all the product range

We constantly innovate with packaging, presentations, production processes…, with the objective of offering a flexible and adapted solution to the requirements of our customers and consumers, at the same time we guarantee the health safety. Therefore, we have the main Quality Certifications, BRC, IFS, ETG Serrano Ham, Iberico Rule, Consorcio Serrano Ham, SAE.

International presence

Historia de la empresa de jamon serrano Jamondor

The commitment for the internationalization is one of the most powerful actives of our company.

The second family generation has invested heavily in the Exports and nowadays we are established in more than 30 countries.

Our Export department provides the most personal attention to our customers, adapted and very dynamic, offering support to any of our customers around the world.

Responsible management

Historia de la empresa de jamon serrano Jamondor

Responsible management and a corporate culture based on special values make Jamondor unique and explains the constant growth. The elements that define our company are:

  • Tenacity in company business
  • Orientation and commitment to the customer, working like partners.
  • Faithfully respecting Quality values
  • Flexibility and fast adaptation to the requirements of each market
  • Our whole workforce is a valuable asset, which we make full use of by encouraging participation in all our ideas and decisions.