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Serrano & Ibérico
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Jamondor Quality Commitment

Being present in the 5 continents demands us to have the Highest Standards in Quality.
We are approved for selling to the main markets of the world.

Certificado Conformidad Producto Ibérico - Certicar

Logo certificado calidad Certicar para productos Ibéricos

The state quality standard for Iberian pork regulates the production process of the Iberian meat. This new standard aims to improve even more the general quality of the Iberian products.

Consorcio Serrano

Logo Calidad Consrocio Serrano

Since its creation, the main aim of Consorcio del Jamón Serrano Español has been to offer the consumer the guarantee of genuine and highest quality Jamón Serrano from Spain. Our commitment to quality consumer satisfaction can be seen in our strict regulations regarding product, audits, inspections, quality control standards and selection processes (carried out piece by piece), therefore allowing us to guarantee the quality and exclusivity of our genuine Jamón Serrano from Spain that can be identified by our ConsorcioSerrano Seal of Approval. Our ConsorcioSerrano Seal of Approval guarantees a traditional and unique Jamón Serrano that is always prepared in Spain and with a taste and texture that makes it different from the rest of the Jamón Serrano that can be found on the market.

Especialidad Tradicional Garantizada

Logo Calidad Especialidad Tradicional Garantizada

The concession of the Traditional Speciality Guarantee for Serrano Ham is the recognition, not only of the fact but also of the right, that the Serrano Ham is one of those exceptional products that Spain has provided to the gastronomic European variety. Also it is a recognition of the special characteristics and the intrinsic quality, which is why it deserves this highest level of distinction and protection which the community legislation can offer as Traditional Speciality Guarantee.

Once the register has been obtained, only the companies which respect the conditions, and are registered by a control entity will be able to use the registered denomination “Jamón Serrano” and the community symbol.

This certification gives a Quality guarantee to the consumer, and therefore, an added value to the products which have it.

IFS Food

Logo Calidad IFS Food

This standard of quality and food safety is published by groups of food distribution. Whichever company that wants to supply its food products to these distributors has to comply with the standards. The distributors demand that an external third party approves the food safety and quality of its suppliers.