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Who are we?

Historia de la empresa de jamon serrano Jamondor

We are a family business with almost 50 years of history and experience in the production of Serrano, lberian hams and sausages. From our beginnings we work with the highest quality, selecting the best meats and bringing the products to the highest point of maturation.

Within our production process we take care of all the steps, we focus on traditional methods and recipes, our target is to deliver only the best product and flavour, while ensuring nutritional and healthy values in all our range.

We constantly innovate in packaging, presentations, processes and products, in order to respond with flexibility and adapt to the needs and requirements of our customers and consumers, while ensuring Food Safety. For this, we have the main quality certifications: IFS, ETG Serrano Ham, lberian Quality Standard, Ecological Standard, Consorcio Serrano, SAE (authorization to export).

International presence

Historia de la empresa de jamon serrano Jamondor

The commitment to internationalization is one of the most valuable assets of our company.

Currently, Jamondor products are present in 35 countries in the world, spread across Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa and America (having a subsidiary in the United States). Our export department is highly qualified and experienced in offering the best service being always prepared to respond to the needs of our customers worldwide.

Responsible management

Historia de la empresa de jamon serrano Jamondor

Responsible management and a culture based on values, determine the way of doing and being, that makes Jamondor unique and is key reason to its constant growth.

The elements that define our company culture are:

  • Orientation and commitment to the client, we will engage into partnership.
  • Teamwork.
  • Tenacity at work.
  • Loyalty to quality values.
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to the demands of each market.
  • And especially it is the commitment to our team, involving it in strategies and decisions.

The target for our products is make life more comfortable, pleasant and healthy.