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Spanish Tortilla with Jamón Serrano Jamondor

Receta de Toritlla de Patata con jamón
10 Eggs
500 gr of Potatoes
Olive Oil
250 gr of slced Jamón Serrano Jamondor
  • Clean, peal and slice the potatoes in small chunks and fry them in hot olive oil.
  • Separately, salt and beat the eggs.
  • Add the previously strained and fried potatoes to the eggs, and mix well.
  • Put the mixture in a frying pan with a bit of oil. When it has coagulated, flip over the omelette so thst it browns on both sides.
  • While the omelette is still hot, cover it with slices of Jamón Serrano Jamondor so that the flavour combine.
The ham can be cut into a small chunks and then be added to the egg and potato mixture.